Bergmann Carex 430K Loader Wagon

January 29 2020

Introducing our new Bergmann Carex 430k Loader Wagon.

The Ludwig Bergmann engineering company, located in Goldenstedt / Lower Saxony / Germany, is a medium-sized, family run business in the third generation with more than hundred years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery and vehicles.

At Woodley’s Contracting we have been patiently waiting for this new wagon to turn up for the beginning of 2020, it didn’t disappoint!

Specification summary of Bergmann Carex Loader Wagons

  Carex 39K Carex 390K* Carex 430K*
Length (m) 10.70 9.65 10.40
Capacity (m³) 39.0 39.0 43.0
Cut Length (mm) 35 35 35
Pickup Width (mm) 1940 2050 2050
No of Knives 41 41 41

* New Model